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Strength & Fitness

The Christchurch School Strength and Fitness program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and develop confidence in the weight room for our student-athletes. The program provides its participants with a comprehensive weight training program. Our athletes will learn proper techniques and kinesthetic awareness of each exercise with specific emphasis in power lifts (power clean, bench press, squat, and deadlift). The secondary lifts serve to supplement the power lifts and focus on increasing range of motion, isometric muscle movement, and muscle contraction.

In addition, our athletes will develop proper recovery habits and learn the importance of stretching prior to and after each workout. Being on the field/court/pool is the most important ability and injury prevention is a focal point throughout the program. Yoga, resistance bands, combination of static and dynamic stretching, and proper education on hydration/nutrition help to develop the well-rounded athlete.

Athletes will leave the program with the ability to prepare their own workout routine and nutritional lifestyle.

Strength and Fitness

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    Joey Fitchett 

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    Joshua Miller 

    Associate Dean and Residential Life Assistant; Strength & Fitness

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